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Monday, June 3, 2013

Video Pals

In one of the last posts, I might have mentioned that I lived in England in the beginning of my adult life.  I still keep in touch with several friends from across the pond, especially twin sisters, Zoe and Kim.  (I used to work with Zoe).  Zoe's girls, Holly and Lucy, always ask to see new pictures of Soph on Facebook.  This photo is apparently their favorite...
Zoe said, "My kids are obsessed with Sophie. They insist on seeing as many photos of her as you've posted every morning. This is their favourite. I'm now having to find a map showing where Ohio is for Holly. The fact that they've never met her seems irrelevant. She's like a movie star in their eyes."

And so, I decided to take a video of the girls on their way to school last Friday to send to "kids in engel."

Holly and Lucy replied with this video, that Soph watches over, and over, and over, each time asking, "Can I see my kids?"  And I'm totally ok with that because I'm in love with their sweet little English accents.


  1. This makes me so happy! These.girls are precious! Love the cute English accent! Makes my day!

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